Wisener, LLC is a land acquisition company that specializes in acquiring property for the construction of roads, highways, airports, utilities and telecommunication towers. We can also help you, as the property owner, through the acquisition process.

We have the experience to handle any phase of the acquisition process, from:

Estimates-  We can complete tract by tract and relocation estimates that are required by the State to establish a right of way budget.

Appraisals- We only use appraisers that are licensed and experienced with the types of appraisals necessary for these projects.

Negotiation- We have negotiated thousands of tracts throughout Alabama.

Relocation-  We have a thorough knowledge of the Federal Relocation Regulations and assisted the relocation of home owners, business owners, signs, etc.

Eminent Domain Proceedings-  We have assisted in hundreds of Probate Court proceedings and several Circuit Court cases.  We have a thorough knowledge of the laws governing these proceedings.

Project Management-  We will coordinate all aspects of the acquisition process, which may include working with a lead agency (State, etc.) or other services that are not provided by us (appraisals, etc.)

Let us help to relieve the headaches associated with your right of way acquisition projects.
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